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Desert Local News Reviews THE CHOSEN

“Drew Feldman as young Reuven, a mathematics whiz, may be a young actor (23) but his performance speaks volumes for his interpretation of a loyal but conflicted friend when “the rubber meets the road” and it comes time to honoring one’s parental advice versus friendship. It’s a sensitive and compelling performance.” Desert Local News Review

BroadwayWorld Reviews THE CHOSEN

“The talented cast members and the show’s director (Ron Celona, CVRep’s artistic chief) all resist the temptation to turn the characters into ethnic caricatures or players in a melodrama. The director and actors perfectly capture the facial expressions and speech of men, young and old, coping with the trauma in their individual lives at the […]

THE CHOSEN @ Coachella Valley Repertory

In just a few days, I will be travelling to Palm Springs to learn the role of YOUNG REUVEN in Coachella Valley Rep’s upcoming season opener, The Chosen adapted by Aaron Posner from the novel by Chaim Potok. My passion within my Jewish-American roots has given me all sorts of exciting energy for this play, and I […]

Casey O’Lear reviews ‘MUCH ADO’

From Casey O’Lear from SCREAMfmLondon: “It was the most interesting reinterpretation of “Much Ado About Nothing” I’ve ever seen.” “It becomes clear that UnMasqued’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is not just a play and not just a concert. It becomes a much more immersive experience as cast members climb through the audience, pulling people up to […]

BusyBeth reviews unMasqued’s ‘MUCH ADO’

From Beth Fisher at BusyBeth’s Blog: “… the performers’ full utilization of the room and audience engagement, imparts a feeling of energetic guerilla theater for a head-bobbing, toe-tapping good time.  The large, vibrant cast works and plays well together, and it’s easy to see the great potential in this fledgling company.” Full Review Here

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